Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Comin' atcha live for my monthly "what's happing in real life" Friday Favorites post.... basically its just my favorite pictures from the last month that weren't necessarily blog related. How has the New Year been treating you? I'm finally at the point where I'm not crossing out "17" every time I write the date haha. After a busy holiday season and recovering from my shoulder surgery, the last few weeks have been spent catching up on life and it has been great. The house is clean and tidy, I can kinda-sorta workout again (if you count tabata air squats as a workout). I've been seeing good results from my nutrition plan now that the Christmas cookies are out of the picture and I had an amazing birthday filled with food, family, coffee, cake and puppy cuddles. Oh, and some of our good friends [finally] got engaged! Life is good.

Coming up next, I have several weekend trips booked that I'm super excited for. I also have some exciting news to share soon in the health/fitness category and lots of new clothes that I bought with birthday money (yippee!). The new year is always such a good excuse to push yourself out of your comfort zone and for that, I'm thankful. I will be checking off lots of things from my 30 Before 30 list as well as my Bucket List. The clock is ticking on the 30 Before 30 list haha. Time to get cracking!

Celebrating Christmas on New Years with the Martin crew! So glad I married into such a great family.

My PJ obsession lives on. Similar PJs here. Shop my bedding & coffee mug here.

A lot of you didn't believe me on Insta-Stories, but Cole really did make this from scratch for my birthday! It was SO GOOD.

Brunching for my birthday with my parents and BIG little brother. Please note I'm wearing 3" heels and I am 5'10"! He's single, ladies.

Had to include my hottie husband somewhere in this post. #blessed. Shop my jacket here.

My annual birthday shopping trip to Lulu on C's dime! One of my favorite traditions. These leggings are not Lulu, but they are amazing and 40% off! Shop them in this post. Get my Kate Spade "Glitter is my Favorite Color" Case here.

A birthday care package from Vital Proteins! I'll be sharing my experience + the benefits of collagen with you soon! 

New frames, who dis? Obsessed with my new nerdy glasses from Warby Parker. They are so affordable, I'm half tempted to buy another style in pink! Shop my sweater (on sale for $18) here.
What is on your agenda this weekend? I have a fun BFF photoshoot planned with my college friend Chasity - we actually won a blow out from Cottonwood Salon + a photo shoot with Jessie Murray! I can't wait for a girl's day full of pampering and fun. Besides that, just the usual chores and errands. So fun, right?

Whatever your weekend holds, I hope it's amazing! Thanks for reading.

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