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Walk-Thru Romper | Tory Burch Sandals | Prada SunniesSimilar Here for $12
Happy Monday, Friends! What a very Monday-ish Monday. After literally spending 24 hours traveling home on Friday and a weekend full of recovering from jet lag, I am back in the real world today.... I have such mixed emotions - it was the best two weeks abroad and part of me wishes it could have kept going, but I missed my puppies, my pillow, and my hair products - ha! It's always such a nice feeling to come home and get back into a routine. I will be sharing a recap of each city we visited in individual posts soon, but for now I thought I'd do a quick Instagram roundup to show you the highlights!

Similar Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top | White Skinny Jeans | Hat | Monogram Necklace | Nikes
I actually got this ruffle cold shoulder sweatshirt from a boutique in Tulsa, but there's a very similar one available at Nordstrom! It was so soft and perfect for walking around London - it was chilly there and I loved being able to break out my fall stuff. Also, my hat is only $10 and I am obsessed with it for traveling and/or covering up bad hair days! C absolutely hates it but what does he know about fashion?! 

Similar V-Neck Pullover | Skinny Jeans (size down) | Shoes | Vince Camuto Purse (sold out) - Similar Here
I snagged these shoes specifically for this trip and they were such a good investment! They went with every outfit, were comfy enough to walk around in and weren't too sporty spice. I wore them almost every day until a pigeon pooped on them, haha. This pic was taken when we had afternoon tea at Kensington Palace - definitely my favorite activity from the entire trip!

Similar Thermal TopLeopard ScarfSimilar Jeans | Michael Kors Flats
Unfortunately the exact thermal top went on sale and sold out while we were gone, but there is a very similar Free People version still in stock! I'm sure it's just as good, if not better. Also.......if we're being honest here, these jeans definitely ripped while we were in Paris. Face palm. I guess that's what happens when you eat too many croissants!!

Sleep Shirt | Leggings 
One of my current obsessions is cute and cozy PJs - I can't seem to buy enough! This sleep shirt is really comfy by itself or over leggings if its chilly.

Similar Utility Jacket | Lace TankSimilar Jeans | Shoes | Sunnies (sold out) - Similar Here | Vince Camuto Purse (sold out) - Similar Here
The Paris weather was crazy, ya'll! Every day we were there it was would be so pretty and sunny and then BOOM, pouring, freezing rain would come out of nowhere. Luckily I tossed this utility jacket in my suitcase at the last minute and am so glad I definitely came in handy.

Similar Choker T | Similar Shorts | Tory Burch Sandals | Prada Sunnies, Similar Here for $12 | Vince Camuto Purse (sold out) - Similar Here
After chilly London and rainy Paris, it was soooo nice to step off the plane in Rome and enjoy some warm sunshine! I probably overwear these Tory Burch Miller Sandals, but they are so comfy, great quality and 100% worth the investment, IMO. Plus, they go with everything.

Dress from The Haley Boutique in Tulsa, Similar Here, also love This One | Similar Wedge Booties
This dress was probably my favorite outfit from the entire trip - I felt like a dream in it! My momma bought it for me at a boutique in Tulsa when we met for dinner a few weeks ago. When I saw it, I thought it just screamed dinner Rome! I will definitely be looking for any excuse to wear it again soon.

Hat | Tank | Cardigan (SO cozy - a must!!) | Leggings | Nikes | Suitcase | Similar Leopard Tote
I bought my cardigan during the N-Sale - it sold out almost immediately and I stalked their website for two weeks before finally snagging it! Luckily it is in stock now. It is probably my favorite N-Sale purchase and was perfect for traveling in because its insanely soft and cozy. I wore it on the way to and from Europe and it was like wrapping up in a blanket! Also....this tank was too perfect not to wear! If only it said Rome instead of Tokyo!

Hoping you have the best week! I'll just be here trying to get back in the swing of things and counting the days until my next trip....the post vacation blues are a serious illness haha.

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