Pass the Baton

In recent episodes of Fixer Upper, Chip has made it a thing to "pass the baton" to Joanna, meaning it's time to decorate! We are FINALLY nearing that stage at our White House on the Prairie!!! The renovations are almost complete. They are finishing the wood floors today and will start painting on Monday....then all that is left are the final touches like installing light fixtures, hanging bathroom mirrors and shelves, hooking up the sinks and toilets, etc. I CANNOT WAIT! We think [hope] it will be done by the end of February.

I have been day dreaming about how to decorate this house for months and months. I am ecstatic to get our stuff in there, get organized, figure out where everything will go and make it our home. It has come such a long ways since October! Every night when we stop by to see the progress, I hate leaving. I can't wait to live there....I might never leave, ha! I included a few sneak peaks below, but stay tuned for the real before and afters soon.

The only bad part is that our old house hasn't sold yet. We want to keep it staged while it's on the market, so we might be moving to the new house with just our clothes, kitchen stuff and an air mattress! Luckily we bought a new refrigerator, couch and TV.....that's basically all we need to survive, right?

Thanks for reading! If anyone wants to hire me as an interior designer, I'll accept payment in the form of Starbucks gift cards and/or homemade cookies.

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