Behind Closed Doors: Book Review

I made "reading more" a part of my 30 Before 30 list. I also set a personal goal of reading a book a month during 2017. I've always enjoyed reading, I just never made it a priority and never set aside the time for it. I didn't think it would be something I stuck with, but so far, I've surprised myself! I read The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena in January (didn't love it) and Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris in February.

I am a sucker for any type of page turner mystery novel. I mean, I grew up helping MK+A solve any crime by dinnertime, after all.... Behind Closed Doors did not disappoint. After The Skimm and Emily from The Sweetest Thing both recommended it, I knew it had to be good!

With Jack and Grace it was love at first sight. Jack's tenderness towards Grace's sister, Millie, who had Down's Syndrome, won Grace over in an instant. They were the perfect couple. But, after the wedding, Grace discovered some things about Jack she didn't love.... but I won't give anything away!

The book chapters go back and fourth between past and present - bouncing between the wedding and early stages of marriage to the present, troublesome time. I read it quickly - I even stayed up late reading and woke up early before work the next morning to finish it! I will say that the first few chapters were just so-so, but once the big secret is revealed, you can't put it down. And, the ending was perfect.....I hate it when I devote time and energy into a book and the ending is terrible!

Do you have any book recommendations? I'll be picking out my March read soon!

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