Coffee Challenge #4 // Results

The final stop on the OKC Coffee Challenge was Coffee Slingers.

Located downtown in Automobile Alley with a view of the street and walkers by, Coffee Slingers made me yearn to visit New York City. This place has the perfect blend of industrial and rustic charm. Open warehouse ceilings and old wooden bar tops with pops of color here and there - yes, so much yes. If I had a dream house, it would be decorated just like this.

With a mocha for me and French pressed coffee for Cole, we sat at the bar and took in the beauty of our city. 

Sure wish those cars weren't ruining my otherwise perfect picture....

The mocha was delightful. Rich chocolate flavor balanced out by smooth coffee, it was the perfect treat on a snowy Sunday morning. Did you know you aren't supposed to drink the grainy part at the bottom of the cup? I didn't. I thought it was shaved chocolate pieces.....its not. Sure would have been nice for someone to inform me of this during round #1 and not wait until the last stop....

But that's ok, how could I not forgive him when he is this adorable with such huge biceps? Hubba hubba.

We didn't get any pastries this time around because we sort of over indulged in Mickey D's breakfast beforehand. Sometimes we can't help ourselves...those sausage biscuits, man, you just can't beat 'em. However, the raspberry bars at Coffee Slingers looked like they were to-die-for. Next time, definitely next time.


We don't know

Each stop on our Coffee Challenge was delightful. Each one had their own unique twist on things, as well as delectable pastries to accompany great coffee. You can't go wrong, seriously! None of them beat the coffee we found in the ATX that started this whole thing, but in all honesty, I was probably just really thirsty that day and have since held it on a pedestal. I tend to do that. Sorry. 

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Cindy Sharp said...

And you swallowed the sludge with dignity and grace?! You're awesome.

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