Coffee Challenge #1

This winter, man. We've had more snow days this year than I can remember, ever, period. We'll chalk it up to global warming, I guess. That groundhog ain't helpin' things much, either, though....

With snow days comes the requirement of a good cup o' joe. Am I right? That warm, rich coffee warms you from the inside out and makes everything right with the world.

After discovering a delicious local coffee shop in the ATX a few weekends ago that left our taste buds with a hankering for more, my tall drink of water and I made it our goal to find the best local coffee in all of OKC. Initiate Cole & Amanda's OKC Coffee Challenge. The snowy backdrop just made it all the more instagramable.

Our first destination? Elemental Coffee. Located in midtown and filled with minimalist urban charm, this place is sure to make you feel like one of the cool kids.

Its not your typical Starbucks coffee shop, mind you.

Their menu is short and sweet, but oh so delicious: espresso, americano, macchiato, cappuccino, latte and mocha. They also have three different interchanging teas on hand at all times, crepes and pastries from the local Big Sky Bread Co.

While waiting in line, I audibly wondered if they could make a caramel macchiato (#whitegirlprobz). Luckily, the nice young man in front of us informed me that their macchiato is itty-bitty and recommended the mocha. Noted. It was the perfect amount of rich cocoa and coffee with the creamiest of textures. Cole ordered the Americano and we split an apple scone. And by apple scone, I mean a scone with a layer of straight up apple pie filling in the middle. Hi, hello, delicious. This post-paleo challenge girl was in grain and sugar heaven.

typical 'gram

Elemental Coffee accepts the Keep It Local Card, win. You can find out all about them here.

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Cindy Sharp said...

sounds yummy...and I don't even like coffee.

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