twenty thirteen

Twenty Thirteen, you were a good one.
You call that a New Years Kiss?
I turned 23. "Be kissed in the rain" got checked off my bucket list. I got my first piece of Tiffany's jewelry (thanks, babe). I started doing yoga. I went to my first OSU Basketball game (a little late on that, eh?). I discovered that I don't hate mushrooms that much after all. I went to a Muse concert. I designed and launched a website for work. I celebrated Saint Patty's Day by drinking green beer. I developed a love for food trucks (lookin' at you, Roxy's Ice Cream). I ran my first 10k. I said goodbye to my childhood home. I survived the May tornados that hit OKC. I got my Okla. driver's license. I PRed my 5k time. I sunburnt my nose so bad that it bled and scabbed (twice). I made it through another Pinto World Championship. I went Paleo for a month. I swam in the freezing cold Illinois River. Cole went to his 10 year high school reunion and I was lucky enough to be his plus one. My car got hail damage. I vacationed in Mexico. I swam with dolphins. I hiked Red Rock Canyon. I binge watched my fair share of Netflix shows. I drove through six states on my way to my parent's new pad in Kentucky. I attended the largest Oktoberfest in the nation. I went to America's largest homecoming an alumni. I got promoted. I saw a [off] Broadway play. Chloe and I dressed up as Princess Peach and Toad. I ran a half marathon in twenty-degrees. I went on my first solo plane ride and witnessed a medical emergency during landing. I sampled some tasty bourbons at several of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. I fulfilled my dream of being a jockey. I spent another year being completely head over heels for that total babe I call my boyfriend, and I ended the year the way I started it: with a slightly tipsy yet completely magical New Years Kiss (note: not the one pictured above). 

Now what? I don't have any "resolutions," my life is pretty great as is; there is nothing I really need to change. Instead, I have a little to-do list of goals for 2014. What is on the to-do list? I'm glad you asked....
  • Play with a tiger cub
  • Go completely Paleo for the month of January... Christmas Cookies got the best of me.
  • Run another half marathon....or two or three
  • Give Crossfit a try
  • Run 365 miles or more 
  • Nail that yoga crow pose and hand stand 
  • Sign my name on the wall @ The Copper Penny in good ole Stillwater, Okla.
  • Travel somewhere I've never been before and always wanted to visit
  • Visit the rest of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and earn my free t-shirt
  • Maybe, just maybe, rock a fancy hat at the Kentucky Derby 


The Pony Post Grad said...

I can't believe you've never been to a Pokes basketball game before now! I only went there two years and saw more than I can count :P

Amanda Martin said...

I was busy....??

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