In an Instant: A Kentucky Christmas

I'm only a month behind on posting this.

Don't look at me like that, I've been busy. We'll just call this a throw back Thursday.

Christmas was a little different for my family this year. Instead of the usual Texas traditions, we spent our Christmas in Kentucky in my parent's new 'hood. It was cold, it was different, it didn't really feel like Christmas, but it was wonderful..... Lets just never mention the tamale disaster of '13 again (read as: Cincinnati tamales ≠ Texas tamales).

1. Like I said, it was cold. Real cold. Like 5 degrees with a dusting of snow and a northern wind cold. Good thing I left my NorthFace sitting in terminal B of the OKC Airport......

2. Cassie had a little too much Christmas cheer. Bless her old soul.

3. The Kentucky Horse Park was a must see, despite the cold. I do believe I will be returning on a warmer day to take full advantage of what it has to offer.

4. Cassie (golden retriever) loves to shred wrapping paper. Chief (sheltie), being the old fart he is, hoards pieces of paper just so that Cassie can't enjoy them. Sibling rivalry at its finest, ya'll.

5. We toured the Lexington Brewery and Distillery. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout makes my taste buds dance. I'm talking the full on Cha-Cha.

6. I'm head over heels for this marketing scheme. Seriously, though, how do you pronounce Louisville?

7. A lovely morning at Churchill Downs. I highly recommend touring this place if you like interacting with the attractions. I could have easily spent six hours here. You best believe I will be attending the Kentucky Derby in the near future. Give me all the Mint Juleps.

8. Fulfilling my dream of being a jockey. Just another reason to visit Churchill Downs!

9. One of the many stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. I've made my jar of bourbon cherries last longer than a month...can't say the same for the bourbon chocolate balls.

Although we missed the warmth of Texas friends and family, it was a blast exploring Kentucky with my parents and my brother. Don't worry, I brought back my fair share of touristy t-shirts.

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