My 2020 New Years Resolutions

Oklahoma City blogger Amanda Martin's new years resolutions for 2020

I’m not sure how it happened so quickly but it’s time to say au revoir to 2019 and hello to 2020! This year was such a whirlwind filled with travel, new opportunities and lots of learning but along with it came my fair share of trials and frustrations.…per the usual! It’s all about the balance and enjoying the mediocre days in between the good and bad ones, right?! I’m excited to see where the new year will take me and I love being able to start fresh on January 1st. It’s the perfect time to set goals and it is easier (and more fun) to stick to them when the whole world is working to keep their own resolutions along beside you. I’ve teamed up with Red Diamond to share my 2020 New Years resolutions below!

But first…. New Year’s Eve! No matter how big or small my New Year’s Eve plans are, I always love to add a little sparkle to my outfit. C and I have started a tradition of getting pizza with our best married friends and sipping drinks / playing games on the couch until 12:01 when we all go to bed. It’s a quiet night but a fun one and one I always look forward to. I know this year we will be sipping on Red Diamond Iced Tea before breaking out the bubbly at midnight. You can find my recipe for sweet tea sangria in THIS post - not to toot my own horn, but it is a super yummy and refreshing drink, just saying!

Red Diamond’s motto is “Perfect’s Not Easy” and I think that aligns so well with New Year’s Resolutions, don’t you? You come up with the perfect idea of who you want to become but it’s not easy to get there…it takes hard work and consistency, as does making the perfect tea!

red diamond sugar free sweet tea makes a great low cal drink alternative!

New Years Eve outfit ideas for staying home

okc blogger Amanda's OK shares her new years resolutions with Red Diamond

I try to think of resolutions that are not only beneficial to me physically and mentally, but things I can actually stick to, achieve, and/or turn into healthy habits. I already travel a lot, work out, eat healthy and read a lot of books so the typical resolutions like join a gym, travel or start a diet don’t really work for me. That being said, my resolutions require a little more thought, effort and intention.

My 2020 New Years Resolutions

  • Change my afternoon pick me up beverage - I plan to replace a high calorie latte or energy drink with Red Diamond’s Zero Calorie Sugar-Free tea (sweetened with Splenda). It has the caffeine I crave to get me through a busy work day but it is calorie free and made with only three fresh and simple ingredients: tea leaves, water and Splenda. With no preservatives, the tea can only be found in the refrigerated section of the store.
  • Work on finding a work-life-blog balance - I’m a little too good at giving all of my focus to one thing. I want to continue to grow my blog/Instagram, while also exceeding in my current full-time position. For 2020, I’d like to dedicate time each week to idea generating for my blog/Instagram. This will help to establish a balance between my full-time job and side hustle!
  • Get back to my usual healthy habits - Christmas cookies got the best of me! I have zero self-control when it comes to holiday sweets (or snacks and sweets in general) …I mean, Christmas only comes once a year. But it’s time to get my bad habit under control again and ditch the sweets and sugary snacks. I am challenging myself to eat no sweets and drink no alcohol in the month of January…with the exception of any 30th birthday celebrations that may come along. Those can be my allotted cheat meals!
  • Compete in a CrossFit competition again - I’m two years out of a rough shoulder surgery (from a non-CrossFit injury) and still working on getting back to where I was pre-injury. Competitions always give me a little extra motivation to get my booty in gear and honestly I thrive off of competition. Even though I probably won’t win, I miss that extra bit of push I have locked inside and I long to find it again.
  • Spend more time being intentional with my relationships - my love language is quality time and if we’re being honest, I’ve been terrible at showing love lately! I’ve gotten too caught up with busy schedules and forgotten to take the time to nurture the relationships with those close to me…whether that be friends, parents, or my husband. Of course I spend time with people, but it’s not intentional time to enjoy each other’s company. I want to be better about it in 2020!

Red Diamond tea is OKC blogger Amanda Martin's drink of choice for 2020

OKC blogger Amanda Martin pours Red Diamond tea for her New Years Eve get-together

Red Diamond tea is served for NYE get togethers at Oklahoma City blogger Amanda Martin's house

Amanda Martin of Amanda's OK shares her NYE plans and 2020 goals with Red Diamond

Before I say my final goodbyes for 2019, let me tell you a little about Red Diamond and why I love them. Red Diamond has been a family run business in the same generation since 1906! The folks there are perfectionists (as am I) and their products are perfect, too…to a TEA! They handpick their tea leaves from the world’s finest fields and craft their beverages without compromise before shipping them to a store near you. I truly enjoy sipping on their simple ingredient tea to help support my healthy habits this year!

Tell me, what are your New Year’s Eve plans? Have you thought about any resolutions you want to make? I’d love to hear! Thanks so much for sticking with me throughout the year and following along on my adventures. It means so much to me that you are here. Pour yourself a glass of Red Diamond and have a Happy New Year!

Thank you to Red Diamond Coffee & Tea for sponsoring today’s post. 
As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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