Perfect's Not Easy: My Struggle with Being a Perfectionist

Oklahoma blogger Amanda Martin shares her struggle with being a perfectionist
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Warning: I'm about to get real with you! Pour yourself a glass of Red Diamond iced tea and let's dig in.

I'm far from perfect, but I am a perfectionist. It's a flaw, but it can also be a good thing. I spend entirely too much time and effort trying to look perfect, act perfect, have the perfect house, the perfect hair, the perfect Instagram feed, the perfect marriage, the perfect life. I am very much a victim of Keeping up with the Jones' and hate doing things I'm not good at (hello, enneagram 3). One tiny flaw from my perfectly structured agenda can make me feel like an utter failure and can cause me to lose my mind for a hot second (or a hot couple of hours, ha). I run myself into the ground by saying yes / doing too many things at once and it always catches up to me. I do something perfect for so long until I burn out and can't do it at all anymore.....I say screw it and ruin or unravel all my hard work. Those are faults that I'm aware of and trying hard to overcome.

On the other hand, being a perfectionist has its perks and can be a good thing, in a way. I'm constantly trying to be the best version of "me" that I can be. I'm always working to grow my blog/Instagram and make something of myself. I'm trying to eat better, tone up and get stronger/faster/fitter at the gym on a regular basis. I'm attempting to keep my house cleaner, my dogs more brushed and my marriage as happy as it can be. I give myself me time, the occasional slice of chocolate cake and lots of self love (even if it's in the form of lash extensions or spray tans). These are all things that when done correctly, bring happiness and contentment to my very structured, type A mind and make me feel successful and pleased with myself.

All that being said, perfect's not easy, ya'll (even if it looks like it from my feed). I am not even close to perfect and have my fair share of flaws, but I still keep trying to better myself.....even if that means being less of a perfectionist!

Red Diamond's Zero Calorie Sugar Free Tea is OKC blogger Amanda Martin's go-to low calorie beverage

OKC Blogger Amanda's OK drinks Red Diamond Tea as a refreshing healthy beverage alternative

The folks at Red Diamond are perfectionists, too, but in the best way possible! Meaning Red Diamond Tea is a TEA! They handpick their tea leaves from the world’s finest fields and craft their beverages without compromise. Red Diamond has been in the same family for five generations - since 1906. Just a sip of their delicious iced tea brings back memories of simple southern summers and puts my mind at ease.

As I gear up to attend New York Fashion Week in September, I've been REALLY on top of my diet. More so than I've been in a's crazy what a little vacation motivation can do for your mindset! I am a flexible dieter, meaning I allot myself a certain amount of proteins, carbs and fats each day and can fill them however I please. Finding a healthy beverage alternative is BIG for me; I like to eat my calories, not drink them! However, I have a caffeine addiction and enjoy drinking something other than water in the afternoons to keep me from snacking.

Red Diamond's Zero Calorie Sugar-Free Tea (sweetened with Splenda) is the perfect little refreshing pick me up! It goes great with a little fruit or herb infusion, too, like lemon, mint or berry. I love that it tastes like sweet tea (but without the sugar calories) and that it is made with three simple ingredients…just tea leaves, water and Splenda. Whenever I go to the grocery store I always pick up a gallon jug to have at home or grab a single serving size bottle to take with me on the go. Click here to see where you can find Red Diamond products near you!

Red Diamond Zero Calorie Sugar-Free Tea is a great healthy beverage alternative!

Oklahoma blogger Amanda Martin drinks Red Diamond Tea for a refreshing pick me up

Though I'm feeling prepared diet wise, I am worried that my perfectionism could take over at fashion week. Last year, I spent entirely too much time planning out the "perfect" NYFW itinerary that was impossible to keep up with.....I mean, four girls getting ready in one hotel room at 5 a.m. never ends on time, ya feel me? I struggled to let go of the itinerary I worked so hard on and let my frustrations get the best of me instead of just enjoying the time with girlfriends in one of my favorite cities. This year, I'm trying hard to NOT plan (something that is very unnatural to me) so that I can just go with the flow and have fun. I'll be sure to grab some to-go sized Red Diamond teas to stash in our hotel room fridge for whenever I need a refresher!

Do you ever find yourself struggling to appear perfect? If so, I'd love to hear how you keep yourself from getting too caught up in it.

Thanks so much for reading! Cheers!

This post was sponsored by Red Diamond. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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