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Another month has come and gone! HOW?! I know I say that every month but for good reason! As of today we are halfway to Christmas and I seriously cannot believe it - but I'm 100% OK with it because I'm a total basic b.

I've been trying real hard not to spend a lot of money this month......other than, you know, on a new car (!!!!!)/ Cutting out unnecessary little expenses has made making a monthly favorites post a bit tough so my apologies for the lack of items. Just know that everything I listed is a REAL winner in my book!

You know I love THIS mascara that I talked about in my holy grail makeup items post a few weeks back. Only problem is, it is water resistant but not waterproof. On pool days when I want to look semi-put together or when I go straight to the gym from work in the summers and don't want to look like a raccoon, I like to wear a waterproof mascara. This one is fantastic! It isn't clumpy and isn't hard to scrub off at the end of the day. It lengthens flawlessly, especially when paired with this primer. I feel like it opens my eyes up really well!  

I've been needing a new oil for my hair and after a lot of hesitation, I bit the bullet and tried Kerastase. It is pricy, but it is SO GOOD! A little goes a long way and it works wonders on wet and dry hair alike. It is super silkening and it protects against damage. I LOOOOVE it.

Most everyone has tried or heard of Arctic Zero's original ice cream but have you tried their new line of "light" ice cream? I can't get over how good it is!  Its low cal and made with clean ingredients but it is still creamy and yummy, just like regular ice cream! The mint & chocolate cookies, the cookies & cream and the chocolate chunk taste just like real ice cream should but with half the calories! It is the perfect treat for someone with a huge sweet tooth (eh hem, me) that is watching their diet. 

My Pyr-Mix, Chloe, is terrified of storms. I mean TERRIFIED. She takes shelter in the closet immediately if there is a storm cloud in the sky. Whenever a storm is in the forecast, I've been giving her these calming aid chews to help her anxiety. She has moved from hiding in the upstairs master closet to hiding under the dining table, so I'd say that is an improvement! Thanks Solid Gold Pet! 

Shoes so nice I bought them twice! I bought the nude pair a few months back and have worn them soooo much that I decided to snag the black pair, too! They are really comfy and go with everything, plus they are great dupes for a more expensive Steve Madden version. The tall girl in me also really loves that the heel isn't too crazy high! I can look dressed up without looking like a giant which is always a win! 

I finally picked up a book for the first time in 2018 (!!) and it was such a good one! I read Big Little Lies by the same author last summer and loved it so I figured it would be a safe bet. A lot of times I don't like the way a book ends but I genuinely appreciated the ending of this book. It follows several women's lives who are unknowingly intertwined by one big secret. I liked the book so much that I picked up a third book by Liane Moriarty, What Alice Forgot! I'm only a few chapters in but am loving it so far. Do you have any book recommendations?? If so, leave them in the comments!

I more or less have a Bath & Body Works candle obsession and when I find a scent I love, I buy multiples! Rose Water & Ivy is one of the best scents I've purchased in a long while - it smells so fresh and sweet! The perfect mixture. Every time someone comes over when this candle is burning, they compliment the way my house smells. That's a big deal when you have two giant stinky dogs, ha! This specific candle is a part of the Semi-Annual Sale so it is like $10 right now! 

I told you I liked this scent! I got a new car a few weeks back (!!!) and I immediately picked up this scent portable. Every time I get in the car I take a big whiff! I've been using Bath & Body Works Car Scents for yeeeears - again, every time someone rides with me they always compliment the smell even if it has been dried up for a few months!

I've been wanting a pair of cute casual shorts for a while now! Sometimes jean shorts are just a little too tight and uncomfortable for hanging around the house but I want something cuter than bootie shorts. These are the perfect solution! They are just loose enough and soft while still looking put together. They're currently on sale plus they come in two other colors!! 

How cute is this one piece?!! I'm obsessed with the one piece trend this summer and keep buying more and more and more. This one is only $9 (WHAT) plus you can get an additional 20% off with code AMANDASOK20. I love the deep cut front and the woven back - so many cute details to make it sexy but still modest. It looks adorable with cut-offs over it, too!

Do you have any new discoveries that you have tried lately, loved and would recommend? I love excuses to sample new things so leave me some ideas in the comments! 

Thanks for reading! 

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