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Another month come and gone! I can't believe we are already deep into the heat / humidity of summer. I guess that's good, though, because that means fall will be here in no time flat and this basic white girl loves her some pumpkin spice! I found lots of new products and items this month that I'm madly in love with (plus one I keep re-buying and thought I'd share). Have you tried any of these or do you have similar ones you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

1. Soap & Glory Pink Body Spray
One of the girls that takes classes at Beyond Studios always smells SO GOOD. I finally asked her what scent she was wearing and it was this!!! I immediately went out and bought some. It is the perfect scent to throw in your travel bag, gym bag, beach bag or whatever and it smells so clean and fresh.

2. Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life
When I purchased the spray, I picked up this exfoliant to go with it because I need a new scrub. It seriously is the scrub of my life! It foams a little which I love because it makes it easier to spread / not as wasteful. It also smells just as good as the body spray! I use it weekly before I apply self tanner or before I shave. Now I'm dying to try all the Soap & Glory products because these two are incredible!

3. Fuzzy House Slippers
I have all wood floors and two gigantic furry dogs who shed like crazy and track in a lot of dirt and sticks. That being said, walking barefoot in my house is not recommended! In the winter I can wear my UGG slippers and call it good but in the summer.....bleh! I got tired of having to put shoes on every weekend morning before coming downstairs so I ordered these and I am so glad I did! They are actually really comfy and they haven't made my feet sweat, which is a plus! They are only $17 and very similar to the Steve Madden version that is popular right now. They also come in black and white!

4. St. Moriz Self Tanner
OK, I know I talked about another self tanner in last month's favorites post but I use both and love them equally and for different reasons! This St. Moriz tanner is a mouse so you get an instant stain/color. It is almost a red/deep brown shade, so you won't look orange at all. It doesn't streak, but it will leave dark splotches if you don't rub it in quickly enough. It is a lot easier to scrub off your hands than other self tanners (but I still recommend using a mitt). The tan doesn't last as long as some, but it also doesn't rub off on towels, clothes or sheets. I think it gives a really natural color since it isn't orange!

5. VIIcode Eye Masks
I did a full blog post here on these puppies! I'm still using and loving them - they worked great to perk me up after a flight to Santa Fe last week and leave me looking bright eyed and bushy tailed all weekend long.

6.  Elf Eyeliner
I picked this up on a whim because it was so cheap and I LOVE IT. I had been using the Stila version for months now and liked it but had a bit of trouble applying it smoothly. The Elf version is more like a dry chalky texture instead of straight up liquid, so it goes on so incredibly smoothly! It is really easy to start thin and build a thicker line + wing without any smudging! My only complaint is that it isn't waterproof (it will wear around the eye creases throughout the day).....I want to try this one next!

7. Lash Serum
I shared in my February monthly favorites post that I was giving this lash serum a whirl because it was so affordable ($35). Well, I'm still using it because it has really worked! I've seen such growth and improvement in my lashes and I love it! I only apply the serum at night because I don't like the way it wears under mascara, but it can be used twice a day for optimum growth.

8. Champagne Shimmer Leather Earrings
How cute are these earrings from Nickel & Suede? They sent them to me along with a navy pair and I have gotten so much use out of them! They match any and everything and are super light. I always catch myself rubbing them because the leather is so soft. The Champagne Shimmer pair is the May earring of the month so it is on sale for $18 until May 31!

9. Star Print Leggings
I am hard to please when it comes to leggings..... they have to pass the squat test, be just the right amount of high rise, be breathable but sweat wicking (no one wants to see butt sweat), compress you but not squeeze you too tight, stay up when running,  smooth out any cellulite, plus be cute and match a lot of tops. These star print leggings check all the boxes! They suck you in just right and are so fun plus they are crazy affordable. No lie, I've worn them twice a week since I got them and really want another color. So good!

10. Designer Dupe Sunglasses
I have been on a sunglasses kick lately! These remind me so much of a pair of Louis Vuitton sunnies but they are only $24 instead of $600+. My exact pair is sold out but they are still available in black and this pair is very similar!

11. Rose Gold Greece Flats
C got me these as an early three year leather anniversary gift! I've been wearing them non-stop and they are really comfy + they match everything. They also come in white and black, which of course I want!

12. Express Tee
For the last several summers I've bought so many basic tees from Express! They are so soft and just the right amount of thickness - quality, but still light and breathable! This one is my current favorite - I love the strappy detailing to make it a little more unique than a basic v-neck or crew neck. I loved it so much that I immediately went and ordered it in another color! Plus, the price is too good to pass up.

I hope your May was amazing and that June will be even better! I have lots of exciting things coming to the blog soon so stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading, it means the world! 

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