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I'm so excited to share a little part of my workout routine with ya'll today! Health and fitness is a huuuuge part of my life and has been for nearly five years. I'm very passionate about fueling my body correctly and keeping myself fit doing workout programs I love.

I typically workout and eat according to my macros plan five or six days a week (you can sign up with my coach here). I go to Koda Crossfit regularly, mix in some cardio days, and occasionally do some lifting at Four Star Fitness. Last fall, I tore the labrum in my shoulder while working on our sucks. I am very limited in what upper body workouts I can do, meaning a lot of crossfit is out. My physical therapist (who is amazing btw) discovered that due to my labral tear, the rest of my body got all out of whack; my hips, neck, core, etc., were all compensating for my shoulder and were out of alignment. Later this year, I'll have to have shoulder surgery, but in the mean time, I have a home-exercise/rehab program to keep my shoulder mobile and my body aligned.

That brings me to my booty! Several of my P.T. exercises are focused on my hips and butt and oh.em.gee, my cheeks have never been so sore in my life! I've started integrating these movements into my workout routine several times a week and am loving the results. My form has gotten better, the movements have gotten easier, and my booty has gotten firmer and perkier [insert peach emoji here].

Clam Shells

Lay on your side with your knees scrunched up - almost in the fetal position but not quite! Your knees should be perpendicular to your body. Make sure your stomach is sucked in and your body is tight. Keeping your ankles together, lift your upper knee as far as you can without twisting your core, then slowly bring it back down. Repeat twenty times on each side for one, two or three rounds.

Side Lying Leg Lift

Align your knees, hips and shoulders. Bring your feet to a 90 degree angle behind you, then, straighten your upper leg. Flexing your foot towards you, pull your leg up and back, leading with the heel, as far as you can go, then return to the starting position. Make sure your stomach is tight and your shoulders are back (don't let your midsection fall forward). Do this twenty times on each side! You can do one, two, or three rounds depending on how you feel.

Pigeon Pose

Truth time: I hate pigeon pose. That probably means I need to do it more.... It really stretches the hips and booty! People that are extra flexy can get their crotch to the ground and their head on the floor. Clearly, that's not for me, ha! I always try to get my leg perpendicular to my body and then sink as low as I can for as long as I can...or at least for a minute per side. Good luck!

Now, let's talk about this outfit! 

1) Of course I love this tank from Wags & Weights. I mean......have you met me? I think they made it with me in mind - literally my favorite things in the history of the world. 

2) Have you tried Victoria's Secret's line, Victoria Sport? I am a die-hard Lulu lover, but VSX has kind of stolen my heart. Their workout apparel is great quality, affordable, supportive and so stylish! I wear this bra to the gym, under v-neck tees, and basically everywhere I go. Unfortunately my exact bra is sold out, but I linked some of my favorites in the widget below. They have tons of unique options, colors, prints, straps, high-neck, low-neck and everything in between. I especially love their leggings because their actually long enough for me! Being 5'9", it's insanely hard to find pants that are long enough, hug me in all the right places + aren't see through, but VSX's work every time. Highly recommend! 

What workouts are you loving right now? I'd love to hear. 

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