My Poshmark Obsession

Have you ever tried Poshmark?

Warning: you will lose track of time and money.

I had an account for forever, but I never really used it until recently. I started buying things on Poshmark before our New York trip and I got hooked! Now, I'm buying stuff for our Belize trip coming up in May...all the embroidered shirts, fringe and pom poms!

I didn't love the idea of buying used clothes and shoes, but Poshmark has a ton of stuff marked "New With Tags," with seriously discounted prices. Plus, you can haggle with the seller! It's a great way to find stylish, high-end items for affordable prices. My champagne taste and beer budget really appreciate it.

When we moved, I majorly cleaned out my closet and started selling things on Poshmark, too! It's super easy - you just snap some pictures on your phone, upload them in the Poshmark app, and add a little information about the item! I always hated selling things on eBay because shipping was a confusing pain in the booty, but Poshmark makes it really easy. They send you a shipping label and all you have to do is print it off, stick it on the box of your choice (USPS provides FREE boxes that you can use) and drop it in a mailbox. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Their shipping is SO fast - regardless of if you're buying or selling, that's a huge plus! You can put the money you make towards new purchases or deposit into a checking account.

Poshmark is seriously fueling my online shopping addiction. Not sure if that's good or bad......but at least I'm making some money in the process, right?? Now if I could just make more than I spend, I'd be set. Ha!

Below are a few items I've purchased recently and am loving. I can't wait to wear the embroidered shirts and beach hat on our next vacay!

I should maybe start ironing....? 

How cute is this bow?! So trendy right now. 

Confession: I currently have a major PJ obsession

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Thanks for reading and happy Poshing!

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