married life? i'm a fan

Question of the month: How is married life?

Fantastic, duh.

Of course married life was wonderful in the Bahamas; it's easy to be happily lovey dovey in paradise when you're literally waited on hand and foot and all you have to worry about is which bikini to wear or which tasty beverage to order next.

What's really fantastic, though, is married life in the real world. It's like playing house and never having to stop.

Our "normal" hasn't changed much (besides that whole living together thing), but man is it nice to get back to it. The weeks months leading up to the wedding were mentally and physically exhausting (we still aren't quite caught up on sleep), so a little mundaneness was welcome with open arms. We are basking in the norm.

For us, normal means working out and eating healthy M through F. And of course there's weekend patio brews, a few anticipated cheat meals and Roxy's on "Ice Cream Sunday." It's nice to not be on a 100% wedding diet, ya'll. A new favorite cheat meal spot for us is Roxy's neighbor, Oak & Ore. One of our wedding showers was held here, as was Cole's pre-bachelor party dinner - they just can't get rid of us.

With a constantly rotating chalkboard of specialty beers on tap, unique and flavorful twists on normal foods (think beer cheese and plantain chip nachos, YES) and decor that perfectly matches my dream home Pinterest boards, Oak & Ore is the perfect Sunday-Funday dinner stop for the Martins (the Martins - that's fun to say).

Married life....I'm a fan. It's full of fun and laughter, laziness and adventure, chasing dreams and eating delicious food (most of which he cooks). Of course I don't exactly approve of Cole's dirty socks stuffed between the couch cushions or his shoes left scattered around the living room, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

And that's probably good, 'cause I'm stuck with it for life.

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