For a while now, my Instagram homepage has been graced with the #ccbeautyswap hashtag. I repeatedly saw snapshots of EOS chapstick, Essie nail polish and every Sephora product a girl could dream of as I scrolled through my iPhone. It was due time I gave it a go.

Crystal, the brains (and beauty) behind the Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap, is a blogger and farm girl from Iowa. All of my AGH girls (thats Ag Hall, for all you non-OSU cowgirls) follow her blog religiously. Crystal started the beauty swap a little over a year ago and has had great success with it. Women from across the country come together, get assigned to a partner, and discuss beauty tips, tricks and products. After pen-palling for a few days, you ship each other a box of goodies - preferably items your partner is wanting to try or could add to her beauty routine. It's like a personalized BirchBox....yes, please!

Receiving my package was like opening a stocking on Christmas morning. It was jam-packed with itty-bitty but oh-so-wonderful samples and beauty products. My partner, Lakyn (hi, Lakyn!), really spoiled me and listened to exactly what I wanted.

what I got

Lakyn had been bragging on Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner and I had my finger's crossed she'd send me some. She did, and I would like to award it an A++. It is life changing; goes on smooth and lasts all day. I here-by declare that I, Amanda Bradley [almost Martin], will never go back to regular drug store eye liner ever again.

Tints & Sass lip and cheek stain didn't disappoint. I've been too chicken to try it on my cheeks, but man, those lips! It gives the perfect pouty color that lasts without rubbing off on every cup you sip out of. They're Real mascara by Benefit gets two thumbs up, as well. It seriously boosts my eyelashes and opens up my eyes like no other.

And of course, who doesn't love Essie and a Naked Palette? I confessed to Lakyn that I had never tried any of the Naked Palettes before and had decided it would be my next beauty splurge....but she surprised me with it before I could buy one for myself! It is definitely all it's cracked up to be and gives you the perfect, natural smokey eye look that everybody is after. I haven't tried the style extender, yet. I'm saving it for a special occasion, but I'm betting it's a winner.

what I sent 

After chatting with Lakyn, I learned she was very skilled with makeup. I am not that skilled; I was concerned that my product choices would disappoint a little as I typically buy my mascara at Target and use eye-shadow that's going on five-years-old. However, when she told me she had thin, damaged hair, I knew I was in luck! I know hair, considering I have a TON of it. Lakyn also wanted to start using lipstick, as opposed to lipgloss, a journey I recently embarked on, myself. I had found the perfect "transition" shade of lipstick that I loved (not too bold, not too plain), and knew she would, too. Lakyn received a package filled with:

I had so much fun getting to know Lakyn and swapping products with her! If you are interested in the #ccbeautyswap, head on over to Crystal's blog and keep an eye out for the next one...you won't regret it!


Crystal Cattle said...

Oh, you are too sweet! Although, you know I am a K-State gal I have lots of good OSU friends. If you ever run across one of my favorites, Kristi Bishop, say hello for me. You will love that nail polish. I currently have Watermelon on my feet right now! And ever girls needs a good lip stain. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks for swapping with us!

Darcy said...

I've been wanting to try the Benefit mascara too - glad you gave it a good review! And it sounds like you & Lakyn were a GREAT match!

Darcy @ www.sexsoncharolais.com

messingashley said...

What a great box Lakyn got you! I have been eyeing a Naked palette for a long time too and I just haven't splurged!

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