rhinestones & root beer floats

Roadtrippin' to The Pink Pistol has been on my bucket list for a good number of years.

I saw friends come and go from the little boutique. They posted pictures sitting at the checkered soda fountain, floats in hand. They chatted about putting their John Hancock on the floor or about the knick knacks and glittery tank top souvenirs they brought home. I envied them all, hoping one day, I too, could experience Miranda Lambert's little corner of the world.

Miranda kept her boutique offline, to encourage people to make their way to Tishomingo and visit the brick and mortar storefront. This made the anticipation even greater. I didn't know what I'd find, but for one reason in particular, I knew it would be worth spending a day on the open road. You see, two of my best lady friends met me due west of Tish and tagged along on this adventure.

Jess and Shelby, my sisters from another mister, drove up from Denton to meet me for some much needed friend time. We joined paths in Ardmore, piled into the truck and headed east to our final destination.

Upon first glance, The Pink Pistol was everything I hoped it would be. Photo-ops, rhinestones and root beer floats galore, bursting with southern charm. However, upon closer inspection, I became more or less disappointed with the selection the store offered. It just......wasn't what I had in mind.

You see, I was expecting to drop a lot of cash on a new chic wardrobe, but the few clothing items they offered just didn't do it for me. They were way too sorority-boho-cowgirl for my taste, like the "she's trying way too hard" look. The Pistol had a TON of knick knacks (think, Francesca's center islandx10) but nothing really called my name. It was almost....junky, for lack of a better word. Also, they washed the floor clean and didn't allow guests to sign their autograph anymore. Lame. I ended up forcing myself to get a water bottle, because, hell, I didn't drive down there for nothin'.

Now, don't get me wrong. The Pistol was great, but mostly because of the company I had and the over-all experience it offered. The root beer floats were delicious, the photo-ops abundant, and the time spent with friends time to be treasured. I guess Miranda wanted her boutique to be more of an experience (think, why there's no online store), and that it was.

Although I don't think the store alone was worth the trip, the day was not wasted. I drove away feeling satisfied that I checked another item off my bucket list and content that I spent the day with two of my favorites. 'Twas a good Sunday Funday, ya'll.

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