I Use Power Tools #LikeAGirl

Confession: I'm slightly (and by slightly I mean completely) obsessed with HGTV's show, Fixer Upper

I'd sell my soul for Chip & Joanna to come to OKC and fix me up a home in Mesta Park, but for now, I'm settling on redecorating my soon-to-be home in Joanna's clean and classy farmhouse style. 

I've been eating up the Stillwater antique store scene as of late. The hidden gems on Main Street are jam packed with old window frames, reclaimed wood furniture, galvanized metal and chalkboards galore. It's like a Pinterest board in the flesh, you guys.

However, my favorite addition to the Martin Mansion is this lovely $6 DIY project:

Isn't it a beaut? 

I took a pallet that had been sitting in my backyard for the last three years and had Cole cut it down to a quarter of the size. I cleaned it, sealed it, drilled some holes in it and screwed in some (spray painted) hooks. Wallah. I used those power tools #LikeAGirl. 

The perfect display for my ever growing coffee mug collection. Joanna would be so impressed. 

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