In an Instant: Color Breed Congress

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm addicted to Instagram.

I'm a junkie, I'll admit it. I'm a hashtag queen, picture obsessed, start and end my day with the 'gram, junkie. What of it? 

Here is a little glimpse of my trip to Tulsa for the Color Breed Congress, in an instant. 

1. Lookout, Tulsa, here I come.
2. The view from my hotel room. Not too shabby, Double Tree. If only I got back to the room before 11 p.m. and could actually enjoy it....
3. Bridget. My minion. I could not survive a horse show without this girl by my side.
4. Fall colors give me premature ventricular contractions.
5. I tend to get chummy with the vendors and may or may not spend more money than I make. 
6. Man Crush Monday. I missed him quite a bit. 
7. Hula Hoop Hoedown. Its a Color Breed Congress tradition. I've got mad skillz.
8. Throwback Thursday. Back in my glory days!
9. Ignore the fact that the dude who took this picture gives me the heebie jeebies.... But this is what happens when a group of twenty-something girls on caffeine highs work 17-hour days. Hysteria, I tell ya. 
10. The last day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are getting out of here!
11. Ryan got me welcome home flowers. Friendship is the best ship.
12. My first day back and I had to run 10 miles to catch up with my half marathon training plan. Somehow, after taking a week off, being absolutely exhausted and having a terrible headache, I survived and did better than I anticipated. 

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