Beers, brats and bourbon w/the Bradleys

As you might remember, my parents up and moved to Kentucky a few months back. I figured it was due-time I, Cole and I packed our bags, made some rockin' playlists (its Britney, b*tch), loaded up the car and headed east. Its a good thing I enjoy his company; I can't spend 24+ hours in a car with just anybody. Between my road rage, Cole leaving his wallet on the roof of the car, the highway being closed for construction, getting lost in Tulsa and an entirely-too-long-and-frustrating lunch break in St. Louis, I'm lucky he didn't leave me. I'd like to thank Parks and Rec and The Hunger Games for passing the time, since no one would play road trip games with me.

Once we arrived in Ky., we headed up to Newport on the Levee, a spot overlooking the Ohio River and Downtown Cincinnati. The weather was gorgeous, the sunset was spectacular and there was a trashy, pregnant lady taking bare-belly pictures on the riverfront. I cropped her out of the picture, sorry guys.

We walked across the Purple People Bridge, which connects Newport, Ky, to downtown Cinci, then stopped in for some deluxe grilled cheeses at Tom and Chee, which was featured on Man v. Food. Basically, I love cheese. I was once dared to not eat cheese for a week (I went through withdrawals). My college roommates often questioned how my digestive system didn't get clogged up from all the cheese I ate. To this day, I order a kid's grilled cheese at Chili's. So, naturally, when my mom told me about a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant, I knew I had to give a try. Grilled cheese filled with BBQ chips? Clever. Grilled cheese on a donut? Sweet. Desert grilled cheese? You know the way to my heart. Consider me a fan, Tom & Chee. 

The rest of our weekend was filled with spirits. A trip to the Buffalo Trace Distillery where we got to tour the facilities and sample whiskeys and bourbon filled candies (yum) and an afternoon at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati (the largest Oktoberfest in America, mind you). Beers, brats and bourbon. It was a party in the streets, to say the least. I had to suppress the urge to burst out in song every time a saw a sign for schnitzel. Schnitzel with noodles is one of my favorite things (see what I did there?). After searching the entire festival for a Sam Adam's fedora, waiting in line for a good 45-minutes (during which time I was about to pee my pants) and winning a beer tasting, I scored the last hat in all of Zinzinnati. Boom. It looks real good on me, too. I walked away from Oktoberfest being really glad that I have the thigh strength to squat in a porta-potty. I broke the seal way too early.

Ky., (and Cinci), you are beautiful. My cankles salute your rolling hills (they're still feelin' that 5-mile run) and your actual, real life fall weather is a wonderful thing to behold. The added bonus of seeing my family is the cherry on top. Keep it reel, Ky. Until next time! 


Cindy Sharp said...

Glad you had fun. I bet every one was thrilled to see you.

Amanda Martin said...

Cassie, especially ;)

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