Health Nut Status.

I'm nearing the end of my Paleo journey....or at least the slotted amount of time I designated as "Paleo." I'm assuming you all want the low-down and my thoughts on the matter, correct? I knew it.

What I liked:
  • I was forced to cook. This meant more variety and tastier food (really tasty!).
  • I could eat as much as I wanted (no starving yourself) as long as it fit the Paleo criteria.
  • There are so many substitutions for my favorite foods (ex: Paleo cookies
  • I got creative, made up my own delicious recipes, and discovered new recipes and new foods that I really like.
  • I felt better about myself. I felt healthier, lighter, and enjoyed challenging myself in a new way.
  • I never had that post-meal bloat. I was never too full and never had a tummy ache or heartburn after eating (something I struggled with pre-Paleo). 
  • It really transformed my eating habits. I crave good, clean food and love veggies. Who knew?!
What was hard:
  • I was forced to cook. No more freezer meals in the blink of an eye or cereal for dinner - I had to set aside time to cook. 
  • I had to plan ahead. This was hard. I don't know what will sound good to eat tomorrow, let alone Friday!
  • I didn't lose those "last five pounds" like I wanted to. But I also didn't workout very hard due to the extreme Okla. heat and humidity.... Don't worry, Paleo, I'll take the blame on that one.
  • I felt guilty after indulging in cheat meals. This should probably be a positive....
  • It was really hard to stick with Paleo on the weekends. Going out to eat with friends or visiting don't want to be "that person" that people cater to, or be rude by turning down what you're offered.
  • No cupcakes or ice cream. Ah, the struggle was real, people... I cheated a few times. 

Thank goodness bacon is Paleo.
So what now? I'm bound and determined to lose those last five pounds before I head off to Mexico with my tall drink of water for a beach vacation (!!!!!). But I also really want a cupcake..... So, I'm going to try to get the best of both worlds. I will continue being about 90% Paleo - I'll stick with the basics (meat, veggies, fruits and nuts) but not be quite as strict with it (ie: cupcakes are allowed on occasion and in moderation). That works, right?!

It was weird to me that the foods I expected to struggle with (goldfish, yogurt, oreos and creamer in my coffee) haven't phased me. I found Paleo substitutions that work just fine. The daily desert struggle was tough, I'm not gonna lie, but maybe if I found a great Paleo cupcake recipe, I'd be satisfied? Nahhh.....

Here's to being a health nut. I drank the kool-aid and I can't turn back now.


If any of you are interested in Paleo (or just some delicious clean eating!) check out the following blogs and sites. They are full of fantastic recipes and Paleo information, tested and approved by yours truly.

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Anonymous said...

You should try the military diet to lose that last couple of pounds

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