Fifteen ways...

A friend and fellow blogger, Miss Danielle of High Heels and Shotgun Shells, challenged her readers to list 15 ways they are different from their significant other. The idea originally spurred from the Pioneer Woman...what a lady.

I'm that type of person who can't turn down a challenge; I always completed the email surveys sent to me in 1998 and forwarded them on to others (I'd hate to have seven years of bad luck if I skipped one). In truth or dare, I always did the dares (yes, I have streaked across the street and back at 2 a.m.). Obviously, its necessary that I complete this post.

15 ways my man and I are different:

1. I have an obsession with taking pictures and will gladly pose for 600 takes until I get the perfect one. 
He gets a little annoyed after picture #7, but puts up with it because it makes me happy. What a keeper!

2. He's a really fast runner.
I'm slow. Really slow. 

3. He's allergic to dogs.
I am not allergic and see no reason why we can't have 12 of them (or at least foster some fluffies from the Central Oklahoma Humane Society). 

4. He likes to read really deep books.
I'm content with reading my latest copy of Cosmopolitan. 

5. He eats brussel sprouts....and likes them.
I wrinkle my nose at the name alone.

6. He drinks his coffee black.
I like lots of cream and sugar.

7. He listens to bands like "At the Drive-In" and "System of a Down."
I like happy, peppy music like Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons or MGMT.

8. He watches ESPN on weekends.
I catch up on Grey's Anatomy or watch reruns of The O.C.

9. He puts lotion on his hands and feet, religiously. 
I put lotion on my legs and arms....when I remember to.

10. He doesn't care what kind of car he drives.
I dream about all the cars I want to drive.

11. He never learned how to drive a stick shift.
I can drive stick, and I'm pretty darn good at it.

12. He likes pickles on his burgers.
I do not like pickles on my burgers.

13. He enjoys spending time by himself.
I get really lonely and bored if I'm alone for more than a few hours.

14. He doesn't like his food to be super spicy.
Gimme those jalapeños!

15. He doesn't care about making plans and always goes with the flow.
I'm a planner and I "act like the holocaust is upon us" if plans are broken (his words...). 

I'm not gonna lie to you, it took me a little while to come up with 15 things that differ between me and my tall drink of water. I even had to console him for a few ideas. We have a lot in common (ie: dimples), which is fantastic....but if he were just like me, I wouldn't be nearly as smitten with him. The differences are what keep it exciting. The fact that we can work through our differences and compromise to make each other happy is what matters, and I am so thankful for that. 

What are the differences between you and your love? 1, 2, 3, go! Trust me, its harder than it seems.

He's pretty darn cute. 


Unknown said...

Two things -
1) Love reading your blog!!
2) I will take you up on the challenge :)

Amanda Martin said...

Made my day!! I'm so glad you enjoy it! :)

Unknown said...

Lets see #16 he's stuck around this long! I seem to remember after a certain football game back when I still lived in the Midwest..... Oh too personal? Hushing now...

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